• Fluorobenzene


    ☑ It used across industry, pharmaceutical, electronical; ☑ The product is mainly used for the preparation of the main raw materials of the antipsychotic drugs, such as fluguabutanol, daloglabenzene, trihaloperidol, trifluoroperidobenzene, pentafluorolidol, quinolones ciprofloxacin, etc. At the same time, it can also be used for the identification of pesticides, egg killers, plastics and resin polymers. The condensation of fluorobenzene with γ – chlorobutyryl chloride can produce γ ̵...
  • Acetonitrile


    Appearance: Transparent liquid Purity: 99.9%min Water: 0.03%max Color (Pt-Co): 10 max Hydrocyanic Acid(mg/kg):10max Ammonia (mg/kg):6max Acetone (mg/kg): 25max Acrylonitrile (mg/kg): 25max Propionitrile (mg/kg): 500max Fe(mg/kg): 0.50max Cu (mg/kg): 0.05max 150kg/drum, 12Mt/FCL or 20mt/FCL UN No.1648, Class:3, Packing group:II ☑Chemical analysis and instrumental analysis. Acetonitrile is an organic modifier and solvent for thin layer chromatography, paper chromatography, spectroscopic a...
  • Fluoro-aceticacimethylester


    ☑200kg/ drum, 16mt/FCL or ISO tank ☑UN No.2929, Class:6.1, Packing group:I ☑ Methyl fluoroacetate is a highly toxic chemical, which can stimulate eyes, respiratory system and skin, and it is dangerous to contact with the accident. FLUOROACETIC acid is flammable and can produce hydrogen fluoride gas, a toxic chemical, when burned. The toxicity of methyl fluoroacetate is that it hydrolyzes to form FLUOROACETIC acid, which combines with the coenzyme A of cell mitochondria to form fluoroacetyl CO...
  • Crotonic Acid

    Crotonic Acid

    Appearance  Colorless to beige cystalline product Purity (GC)  99.0%min Water  0.2%max Iron  3ppm max Other single heavey metals  1ppm max 100kg/Fiber drum, 16Mt/FCL UN No.2823, Class:8, Packing group:III ☑ It used across industry, personal care industry, resin industry as additive, Flavor & fragrance industry. ☑ In pharmaceutical industry, It is used for synthesis of (R)-3-Aminobutanol for anti-HIV API Dolutegravir and intermediates for other API, such as Crot...
  • Imidazole


    ☑ Curing agent or accelerator of epoxy resins; ☑ In pharmaceutical industry, intermediates for other API, such as Imazalil, Tioconazole, Bifonazole. ☑ Important pesticide raw material for synergist of boric acid, preparation of insecticide and bactericide. ☑ Imidazole is a very important raw material and intermediate of fine chemical industry, which has a wide range of applications. Imidazole not only exists in the purine amino acids of ribonucleic acid and deoxyribonucleic acid, but also in ...
  • 1,2-Dimethylimidazole


    ☑ Catalyst in polyurethane, applied in polyurethane rigid foam and elastomer to extend the pot life, fasten the reaction and increase the final cross-lin density. ☑It can be used as curing agent of epoxy resin, improve the mechanical properties of products such as bending, stretching and compression, improve the electrical properties of insulation and chemical resistance. It is widely used in computers and electrical appliances; it is used in printed circuit boards and integrated circuits as ...
  • 1,4,7,10-tetraazacyclododecane


    Appearance: White to almost white crystalline, hygroscopic Purity (Titration): 99.0%min Water: 1.0%max Toluene: 0.2%max unknown impurity: 0.05%max Total impurity: 0.2%max PH value:11-12.5 25kg/drum, 9Mt/FCL Non-hazardous material ☑ It used in pharmaceuticals. ☑ Cyclen and its derivatives exhibit selective coordination properties for transition metal cations, heavy metal cations, lanthanide and actinide ions, and even for organic or inorganic anions. The accurate behavior of cyclen and...
  • Tris(hydroxymethyl)aminomethane


    Appearance: white crystasl powder Purity (Titration): 99.5%min Water: 0.5%max [Fe3+]:5ppm max [SO4 2 ]:10ppm max [Cl]:10ppm max Heavy metal: 5ppm max 25kg/drum, 9Mt/FCL Non-hazardous material ☑ Tris buffer is not only widely used as a solvent for nucleic acids and proteins, but also has many important uses. Tris was used for protein crystal growth under different pH conditions. ☑ The low ionic strength of Tris buffer can be used to form the intermediate fiber of lamin in C. elegans. ☑ T...
  • 1-Methylimidazole


    ☑Intermediates for organic synthesis; ☑ Polyurethane catalyst for semi-rigid foam and rigid foam; ☑ Accelerator for dicyandiamide or anhydride curing agent; ☑Dialkylimidazolium salt can be obtained by alkylation of 1-Methylimidazole. The type of salt is related to alkylation reagent and anion. Many ionic liquids can be obtained by this reaction; ☑N-methylimidazole is an important raw material for the synthesis of pharmaceutical intermediates, which is used to prepare losartan, nitazofenone an...

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